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Meadow Ridge Stables is a locally owned and operated facility that offers equine services in an environment that is safe, welcoming, and fun. We offer riding lesson instruction to riders of all levels and abilities in small groups and private lessons using well trained, safe horses that are available for students who do not have their own mounts. The same lesson options are also available for students who board their horses with us or who trailer in for lessons. Our instructors are friendly, experienced, creative and focused on the safety of our students. 


All new students are required to sign our online liability waiver before their first lesson. Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian complete the waiver. 

Link: Meadow Ridge Stables Liability Waiver


Lesson Types and Pricing:

  • 40 minute private lesson: This lesson is a great option for beginner and advanced riders alike! For beginner riders this lesson will cover the ability to catch a horse, groom, tack up, foundational horseback riding basics, and the care of a horse after riding. For advanced riders, especially riders with their own horses, this lesson will focus on targeted goals in a higher intensity time frame. 

        Price: $50


  • Group lessons: Group lessons are one hour and are great for intermediate to advanced riders. Riders must be able to walk and trot safely and independently to be eligible for group lessons. Our group lessons usually have anywhere from 2 to 4 riders. We pair riders of similar ability who are working towards and focused on similar riding goals.

        Price: $50 


  • Hour long private lesson: These lessons are available for new students, one-time lessons, advanced students focusing on specific riding goals, and anyone requiring more assistance with catching a horse, tacking up, etc. Private lessons will focus on goal setting and achievement. 

        Price: $75


Lesson Packages:

We offer monthly lesson fees for all three lesson types. These monthly fees are averaged for the entire year, so you do not need to worry about keeping up with weekly payments. In addition, these prices reflect a discount from the individual lesson prices! 


Lessons that have to be canceled because of inclement weather, instructor travel, or instructor illness will be offered a make up time at the earliest possible convenience (package prices reflect closings for holidays/vacations 4 weeks per year). Lessons canceled by the student with 24 hours notification will be offered one make up lesson for that month. Lessons that are canceled with less than 24 hours notice, or lessons who do not come at their scheduled time and without notification will be forfeit. Please read our cancellation policy and inclement weather statement in the next sections. 


  • 40 minute private lesson package price: $160 per month 

  • Group lesson package price: $160 per month 

  • One hour private lesson package price: $240 per month 


Cancellation Policy:

Meadow Ridge Stables requires 24 hours advance notice of lesson cancellation. NO EXCEPTIONS. Lessons that are canceled with less than 24 hours, or that are missed with no notification will be forfeit. Students who are enrolled in monthly lesson packages will not incur excess charge. Students who pay individually per lesson will be charged a $20 cancellation fee for late cancellations or no-shows for the first missed lesson. After the second missed lesson the time slot will be given away unless the student enrolls in the monthly package option.

Lessons that are canceled in advance by the student will be allowed one make up lesson per month. The make up lesson must be scheduled in advance with the instructor. 


If a Meadow Ridge Stables instructor has to cancel lessons outside of the 4 yearly holiday/vacation weeks, an alternate instructor will be asked to cover the lessons. In the event that the lesson cannot be covered at the set time, a make up lesson will be offered at the earliest possible time. 


Inclement Weather Statement:

Meadow Ridge Stables reserves the right to cancel lessons in the event of inclement weather. Examples of inclement weather may be below freezing temperatures, heavy rain storms, snow/ice, and dangerous high heat temperatures. All lessons canceled because of inclement weather will be offered a make up time at the earliest possible convenience. Horsemanship lessons will be given on the days that the weather does not allow for riding unless we deem that travel to our facility could be hazardous. If more than 2 lessons in a month are replaced with horsemanship classes because of inclement weather, a rescheduled riding time will be offered for any further weather related cancellations in that month.

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